OSS Zero to Sixty

Running OSS Projects: From Zero to Sixty

osszerotosixty.com is starting out as a companion website for Nik Molnar's NDC 2013 presentation by the same name. The presentation is available here for viewing and re-presenting at developer groups worldwide.

In addition, the presentation has been built using reveal.js and is open source (Creative Commons) itself. Please contribute any tips, tricks or valuable lessons to improve this quick start for OSS developers.

The video recording of this presentation from NDC is now available!. In addition, here is the session abstract:

Glimpse, an open source web application diagnostics tool, went from a rough back-of-a-napkin idea to a project with tens of thousands of users and developer media attention within a period of eight weeks. Join Glimpseā€™s co-founder, Nik Molnar, for an honestly raw tale of the pains and lessons learned that arose managing an open source project. Along the way, Nik will cover the tools and techniques that have proven successful over the past two years developing Glimpse, focusing on technical challenges and best practices for community management, communications and open source/life balance.This session is suitable for founders, maintainers, contributors and all users of open source software and aims to spark conversation around the best way to foster open source and open source etiquette.


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